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Folk Music information, promotion and support is what the FolkRise project is all about.

Our original website was established in 2012. After that, our website has provided information about folk and acoustic music and folk clubs. In addition to folk artists and Morris Dancers in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the new layout, we have designed the FolkRise website we take into account the rise of smart phones and tablets.

Folk  Artists and Bands

Folk Music Artists

During the years since 2012, we have always supported Folk Artists and Bands

For example, many websites get overlooked. Our aim is to create an Index of artists with web links.


Subsequently, for the future would be to offer artists, pages on the FolkRise website.

Folk Clubs

Folk SessionWe continue to support Folk Clubs and events. Get in touch if you would like to advertise with us.

Meanwhile, our Folk Club page is being added to on a daily basis. However the previous index listed over three hundred clubs

Folk Music Shows

Folk Music showsCheck out or own folk music shows on Mixcloud. But there is a wealth of great music out there to listen.

The first of our FolkRise shows were broadcast in February 2012. Meanwhile we had recorded the new Folkwaves programme which used to be on BBC Radio Derby.
Presenters Mick Peat and Lester Simpson were back behind the mic for a series of trial broadcasts. Listen to the show on Mixcloud.

It’s easy to locate great music, there are loads of links on our Folk Shows page. 

Morris Dancers

Morris DancersWe have always believed the Morris Dancing should be included in our website as part of folk traditions. There is an amazing number of side is the UK and indeed parts of the wider world. Our index of sides currently includes over six hundred and fifty sides around the UK alone.

Please get in touch with us if you know of a morris side that is not included in our listing, we would love to hear from you. 

Album Reviews

Folk Album ReviewsAn important feature of the website are the Album Reviews. Initially produced by our good friend Pete Fyfe and carried on by Alan Morley after Pete sadly passed away.

We have been able to trawl the archives and discover reviews from around 2015. We believe that they are still worth reading for an insight into the development of artists over the years. Unlike most reviews on the web we take the trouble to include a YouTube example from the albums too.

We are looking forward to reviewing more CD’s, so if any artist is interested please get in touch.